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30 Days To A plastic Free Life

30 Days To A plastic Free Life - Mason & Greens

The start of a new year always feels like the fresh start the body and mind needs after a long, crazy and hectic holiday season.  The best time of year to set goals, realize your aspirations and to plan out a way how you intend to boss the next 12 months. 

While you're jotting down all the ways you plan to conquer the world, we thought having a super easy 30 day challenge to reduce your waste was just the extra something you needed this month to whip your booty into plastic free shape! 

Take it one at a time and have fun while you're doing it.  And if you have any questions about anything or need a little guidance, we're here for you.  Shoot us a message, give us a call or stop by the shop where we are always happy to help you let that trash go!  

Scroll Down For A Free Printable To Track Your Progress

Day 1 - Switch to reusable grocery bags
Day 2 - Use a Metal or Glass Straw
Day 3 - Make or buy your own reusable cutlery set
Day 4 - Make the switch to cloth napkins vs. paper towels
Day 5 - Switch to a solid dish soap bar
Day 6 - Start using cotton produce bags at the grocery and market
Day 7 - Replace your plastic water bottle with a reusable glass or stainless steel one.
Day 8 - Swap out your old chapstick in a plastic tube for one in a paper tube
Day 9  - Make the switch to natural deodorant either in a paper tube or a glass jar
Day 10 -  Try out a solid bar of soap
Day 11 - While you're at it, get rid of plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles by switching to solid shampoo and conditioner 
Day 12 - Start using tooth tablets to brush your teeth 
Day 13 - May as well start using mouthwash tablets too 
Day 14 - Now's a good time to upgrade your floss game and choose one that's compostable, vegan and comes packaged in a glass container 
Day 15 - Start using a solid lotion bar 
Day 16 - Switch to bamboo toilet paper that comes wrapped in paper or a cardboard box
Day 17 - Toss out that old plastic toothbrush and start using a bamboo one instead 
Day 18 - Bring your own reusable containers when eating out to bring home leftovers 
Day 19 - When shopping for fresh baked bakery bread, bring your own bag to take it home in. 
Day 20 - Always opt for wine bottles corked with natural cork.  Bring that natural cork to a recycling facility near you. 
Day 21 - Find your local bulk bins and shop plastic free. 
Day 22 - Make your own all purpose cleaner with vinegar and water
Day 23 - Toss out that old smelly plastic sponge and use a natural loofah instead. 
Day 24 - Revamp your period care with plastic free options 
Day 25 - Quit cling wrap and replace it with reusable wax wraps
Day 26 - Start Composting to avoid plastic bin bags 
Day 27 - Begin work on your capsule collection by choosing clothing made of natural materials like organic cotton, hemp or bamboo. 
Day 28 - Bring your own cup or mug to the coffee shop
Day 29 - Pamper yourself with a face mask that comes packaged in a glass vessel.  
Day 30 - Take yourself out for ice cream in a cone!  you deserve it and you just avoided the single use spoon and cup! 

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