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Why Are We

Mason & Greens?

The average American generates about 4.4 pounds of waste per day. Over 250 million tons of trash are thrown away annually. Every hour 2.5 million plastic bottles are discarded.
It didn’t always used to be this way. Plastics have been used by consumers since the 1950’s. Electronics didn’t use to be disposable. To clean up, people used towels, not paper towels.
A shift in the products we use today has to occur to ensure the sustainability of the planet, the economy, and society. Here, at Mason & Green’s, we are that shift for the DC metro area.
By looking to the past, at how goods were sold and packaged, a better more sustainable model for the future can be established. Mason & Green’s is the place to find new products packaged in an old way. We are here to help you facilitate an eco friendly life and to help move past the throw away culture that has polluted our lives and our planet.
Shopping at Mason & Green’s is about a lifestyle. Not a trend. It’s about voting with your dollars and showing big businesses and corporations what you really look for in a product. Sustainability. Eco friendly. No plastic, and little to no waste generated when a product has met the end of it’s usable life.
Every item that ends up inside the shop has been carefully considered. If a product does not meet our high standards you will not find it here. We care about the things that leave our shop and enter your home. Only the safest and most sustainable products will make the cut, because your health and the health of the planet are kind of big deal to us.


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