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In Store Bulk Offerings

For your convenience we have compiled a list of all the items we have available in the shop that are package free.  List is subject to change.  If you're looking for something specific, call before visiting to check to see if we have it in stock. 

Note - We are a vegan only grocery. 

Bulk Dried Food 

Nuts, Dried Fruit & Seeds:

Pistachios - Non GMO
Pecans - Non-GMO
Roasted Virginia Peanuts 
Almonds - Organic
Whole Cashews - Organic 
Pepitas - Organic
Black Chia Seeds - Organic 
Hemp Hearts (Hemp Seeds) - Organic 
Flax seeds - Organic 
Medjool Dates - Organic 
Dried Cranberries - Organic 
Dried Mango - Organic 

Legumes & Grains:

Green Lentils - Organic 
Garbanzo Beans - Organic 
Split Green Peas - Organic 
Red Beans - Organic 
Pinto Beans - Organic 
Black Beans - Organic 
Lima Beans - Organic 
Quinoa - Organic 
Corn Grits - Organic 
Wheat Berries - Organic 
Soy Beans - Organic 
Long Grain White Rice - Organic 
Long Grain Brown Rice - Organic 
Arborio White Rice - Eco-Farmed 


Bucatini - Organic (subject to change) 
Hemp Zucca - Organic 
Stracciatella - Organic 
Udon - Organic 
Soba - Organic 
Israeli Couscous 


All Purpose Flour - Organic 
Whole Wheat Bread Flour - Organic 
Sprouted Rye Flour - Organic 
Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour 
Garbanzo Flour - Organic 
Cane Sugar - Organic 
Dark Brown Sugar - Organic 
Powdered Sugar - Organic 
Baking Powder 
Baking Soda
Citric Acid 
C ornament Starch - Organic 
Sea Salt 
Dark Chocolate Chips - Organic 
Cacao Powder - Organic 
Coconut Chips - Organic 
Nutritional Yeast 
Soy Milk Powder - Organic 


Buckwheat Pancake Mix - Organic
Pea Protein Powder - Organic 
Steel Cut Oats - Organic 
Rolled Oats - Organic 
Quick Oats - Organic 
Teff & CO Gluten Free Maple Granola 
Ginger Hemp Granola - Michelle's Granola 
Corn Grits - Organic 


Animal Crackers 
Mini Pretzels 
Trail Mix - Organic 
Vegan Marshmallows 
Maple Candies 
River Seas Loose Chocolate 

Vegan Staples:

Vital Wheat Gluten - Organic 
Soy Curls 
Veggie Burgers

Bulk Liquids: 

White Vinegar 5% acidity 
Maple Syrup 
Agave Syrup 
Arbequinoa Olive Oil 
Mediterranean Olive Oil 
Soy Sauce
Vanilla Extract - Organic 
Rose Water - Food grade 

Teas & Spices: 

Gen Mai Cha Supreme - Green*
Matcha Iri Sencha - Green* 
Sencha Tenkaichi - Green* 
Every Day Uji Matcha - Matcha Green
Matcha Powder - Matcha Green
Beads of Gratitude - oolong
Keep Running Pu'Erh - Pu'Erh*
Aged 5 Years Naked Pu-erh - Pu'Erh*
Nirvana Calm Down - Herbal* 
Pure Prana - Herbal*
Wonder Ayurvedic Chia
Perfect Day - White* 
Pai Mu Tan White Peony - White* 
Cream Earl Grey Moonlight* 
Mulling Spices* 
Ground Cardamom Seed 
Whole Elderberries* 
Whole Cloves*
Pumpkin Pie Spice* 
Ceylon Cinnamon*
Nutmeg Whole* 
Nutmeg Powder* 
Cinnamon Sticks* 
Cajun Spice*
Herbs De Provence*
Basil Leaf*
Chili Powder* 
Garam Masala*
Coriander Seed* 
Ginger Root Powder*
Chili Pepper Flakes* 
Onion Powder* 
Garlic Powder*
Curry Powder*
Everything Bagel Seasoning* 
Sesame Seed*
Sage Leaf Powder*
Cayenne Pepper*
Turmeric Powder*
Oregano Leaf*
Fennel Seed*


Medicinal Herbs:

Barley Grass Powder 
Blue Vervain
Barberry Root 
Black Haw Bark 
Burdock Root 
Blue Cohosh 
Blessed Thistle
California poppy 
Cat's Claw Bark
Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 
Chamomile Flower 
Damiana Leaf 
Echinacea Root 
Gymnema Leaf 
Eleuthera Leaf 
Eucalyptus Leaf 
Elecampane Root
Fenugreek Seed 
Hawthorne Berry Powder 
Lavender Flowers
Licorice Root 
Linden Leaf & Flower 
Lemon Balm
Marshmallow Root 
Nettle Root 
Muira Puma Bark
Orange peel 
Plantain Leaf 
Passion flower 
Prickly Ash Bark 
Nettle Leaf 
Tribulus Fruit 
Rosebuds & Petals 
Raspberry Leaf 
Spirulina Powder
Sheep Sorrel
St. John's Wart
Slipper Elm Bark
Wood Betony
Yarrow Leaf & Flower
Yellow Dock Root 
Yerba Santa
Yucca Root 


Vegan D3 & B12 Gummies 
Plant-Based Omega-3 Gummies 
Vegan Collagen Booster Gummies 
Sleep Plus Gummies 
Sugar Free Vitamin C Gummies
Kids Multi Vitamins Gummies
Adult Multi Vitamin Gummies 

Cleaning Products 

Hand Soap (rotating scents)
Dish Soap - Unscented 
Dish Soap - Citrus 
Multi Surface Cleaner - Lavender/Clove
Floor Cleaner 
Window Cleaner 
Liquid Laundry Soap - Lavender / Unscented 
Dish Washer Powder 
Scour Powder 
Laundry Powder 
Oxygen Whitener Powder 
Toilet Bomb Fizzies 

Personal Grooming

Shampoo - Lavender / Cedar / Unscented
Conditioner - Lavender / Cedar/ Unscented 
Body Wash - Lavender / Cedar
Lotion - Good God Lemon / Chamomile Oat / Lavender Leche 
Bubble Bath - Eucalyptus / Lavender 
Linen & Body Spray - Lavender 
Facial Toner - 
Lavender & Chamomile 
Leave In Detangler - Unscented 
Witch hazel 
Rosehip Seed oil
Jojoba Oil - Unrefined 
Sweet Almond Oil - Refined 
Argan Oil 
Massage Oil Base 
Vitamin E Oil
Hydrosol - Eucalyptus 
Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
Tooth Tablets 
Mouthwash Tablets 


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