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Palm Oil Free

On the surface Elaeis Guineensis seems like a miracle crop.  The yield that just one acre of palm plants can produce is so enormous that no other oil producing plant can even come close in the same amount of space. 

But this "miracle" plant comes with some hefty environmental consequences.  Palm oil is so widely used in almost everything we consume (go ahead, grab a box of chips out of your pantry or any beauty item from your bathroom and turn it over and you'll see, the majority of the time the item will contain palm oil.), it requires vast amounts of land and resources to keep up with demand. 

Where do the land and resources typically come from?  Palm is native to Africa but 85% of the worlds palm oil is harvested on plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia.  These plantations are made possible by burning down land in the rainforests.  This not only destroys the rainforests but also endangers rare species by taking away their habitats.  Further, reducing the number of trees adversely affects the rain forests carbon storing potential. 

There are companies out there who tout their use of palm oil approved by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), but until we can be assured that this seal is 100% effective in monitoring the whole process, from growing, harvesting and transporting palm oil, we are committed to being a 100% palm oil free company.  

That means nothing, no beauty products, food, soaps, oils, candies, candles, or anything else that we bring into our store, contain palm oil.  We make sure to bring you the best products for the health and benefit of you and the planet. 


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