Big Mouth™ Sport Straw: Aqua Blue

Big Mouth™ Sport Straw: Aqua Blue

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Prefer to sip out of a straw during your workouts then slinging one back?  You're in luck with a quick switch from the sport top to the sport straw top.  The sport straw makes for a quick hit of hydration while out on the trails, working out at the gym and for every moment in-between.


Suitable for all size bottles – Pura Kiki 5oz to Pura Sport 28oz


Product Features:

Age Range: 18 months to adult

SAFE: No Plastic Components...No Safety Concerns!

MadeSafe Certified: Crafted from safe, anti-bacterial medical grade silicone

BPA-free & EA-free - will not leach toxins like plastic straws or lids

Contains a removable silicone straw that extends into the bottle

Includes an attached lid to keep the straw tip clean

Big Mouth® Sport Straw top is not designed for hot liquids above 105°F

Includes Pura measuring tape allowing you to cut your straw to fit ANY Pura bottle

Meets all FDA, CPSIA, EN14350, & German LFGB regulations and/or guidelines

Dishwasher safe


End of Life: 

While silicone can not be recycled in your curb side recycling, some silicone recycling facilities do exist.  If you don't have access to one think about donating or reusing this product before throwing it away.  

We at Mason and Greens think silicone over plastic, especially in items that come in contact with our food and drinks, will always be a better solution.  Plastics leech toxins where medical grade silicone does not.