Toothbrush: Kids

Toothbrush: Kids

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A plant based toothbrush you can feel good about brushing your teeth with.  All three parts of the brush, the bristles, handle and box are plant based.  


The soft bristles are made from 62% percent castor bean oil and 38% nylon.  

The handle is made from organic bamboo. 

The box the toothbrush is packaged in is made from paper and no glue or tape is used to seal it. 

This toothbrush will last for just as long as a normal toothbrush with a much smaller impact on the planet. 

USDA certified Biobased.  Green American Certified.  Vegan.  BPA Free.  Natural and Non Toxic. 


End of Life 

While you can compost the handle of the toothbrush, the bristles should still be removed and discarded in the trash.