Dental Lace

Dental Lace

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The package contains one glass Dental Lace container with one 33 yard spool of PLANT-BASED polylacticacid/PLA floss inside the container. And one refill spool of 33 yards with the PLANT-BASED polylacticacid/PLA floss.

Stainless Steel lid with floss cutter. 

Certified Compostable Polylactide Acid bags created from the lactic acid in plants.

Cadelilla wax. 


Waterproof Poly Label. 

Boxes 100% post-consumer fiber that is certified FSC and PCF free.  Manufactured using renewable biogas energy. Printed with soy-based inks.


End of Life: 

Floss is compostable.  Glass is recyclable (remove and discard label in the trash. Box is compostable and recyclable. 


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