Die Maus Crew Glass Soul Bottle

Die Maus Crew Glass Soul Bottle

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When you learn that it takes 700 years for a plastic bottle to break down (and never completely goes away) and that Americans alone send 38 MILLION plastic bottles to landfills each year you wonder why more isn't being done to fight this waste! 


But there are people trying to make the world less trashy and that's why we love Soul Bottles.  Not only are they making the most dope refillable glass bottles on the market but they donate 1 Euro per bottle sold to help fund drinking water projects! 

Materials: Glass, Stainless Steel, Porcelain, Natural Rubber 

Capacity: 20 oz 

Dishwasher Safe

About The Bottle: 

© I. Schmitt-Menzel / Friedrich Streich WDR mediagroup GmbH

All together on one soulbottle: the mouse, the elephant and the duck. Of course we celebrate the 50th birthday of the mouse with the whole crew. The bottle combines simple black with lively, cheerful designs. Like all soulbottles, it is 100 % plastic-free and supports drinking water projects.