Dry Shampoo: Lavender

Dry Shampoo: Lavender

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We all know washing our hair everyday isn't good for the health of our hair and not to mention the water savings we make from skipping the shampoo every wash.  But we can't all make it more than a day without our hair getting greasy and losing it's beautiful oomph.  Worry no more!  This dry shampoo blends arrowroot powder and bentonite clay that absorbs excess oil and boosts volume like crazy.  

To use: 

Tap a little into your palm and sprinkle on your roots.  Wait a few minutes before massaging or brushing through.  The result will be a clean looking, voluminous head of hair with great texture to boot! 

Just remember that a little goes a long way. 

Lavender Scented. 



  • arrowroot powder
  • bentonite clay
  • lavender oil

Net Wt: 0.76oz (21 g)

End of Life: Recycle glass bottle and metal top.