Japanese Furoshiki Wrap - Green Triangles

Japanese Furoshiki Wrap - Green Triangles

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 The furoshiki (pronounced fu-ro-shki) is a quintessentially Japanese textile product. The beauty of the furoshiki is in its versatility. They are traditionally used in Japan to wrap and carry almost anything from books and clothes, to lunch boxes and watermelons! Furoshiki last for decades and are designed to be used again and again.

Simply use your furoshiki ‘as is’ - as a scarf, table cloth, a picnic blanket, or even hang and enjoy as a piece of wall art. Alternatively, using some amazingly simple wrapping and knotting techniques, transform your furoshiki into a one-of-a-kind stylish bag for carrying all your essentials, or gift-wrapping that bottle of wine for a party or picnic.


90 × 90 cm (35.4 × 35.4")
100% cotton (soft lightweight weave)
4 color silkscreen print
Handmade in Japan


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