Safety Razor: Pink

Safety Razor: Pink

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Switching to a safety razor is a great way to curb the amount of trash you make in the bathroom.  Common razors are made of plastic and have replaceable heads that you can only toss into the trash after using.  

That's why here at Mason and Greens, we prefer the safety razor.  This one from Well Kept is made of brass and comes with one blade.  Don't forget to stock up on more blades as well.

Other Reasons to make the switch:

Superior shave with reduced irritation.

More cost effective in the long run. 


End of Life: 

Recycle Razor.  Blades can only be recycled at metal scrap yards or use the Well Kept Blade Bank for easy storage before sending back for recycling.  

*DO NOT toss the blades into your curb side recycling bin.