Small Sisal Dry Brush

Small Sisal Dry Brush

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This Japanese-style dry brush is made from sisal fibers, derived from the agave plant.  100% compostable and free of animal products, it's a dry brush you'll want to rub all over your body.  

Dry brushes have been used for centuries to slough off dead skin cells and to increase blood circulation.  Make dry brushing part of your self care ritual and watch your skin start to glow!  

 This smaller 6" version is ideal for hands and feet. 

Find it's bigger counterpart here --> Sisal Body Brush  

How to Use: 

Dry brush before a shower when you are completely dry. 

Starting from the ankles and working your way up, move the brush over you skin in long circular motions.  Apply a slightly firm pressure as you dry brush and work your circles in the direction of your heart.  

Once out of the shower be sure to moisturize your skin. 

Dry brush once or twice a week. 


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