Teddy's Eczema Bar

Teddy's Eczema Bar

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The signature 01 Clear Bar is a clear winner! It's an all natural unscented vegan eczema soap formulated with just three ingredients - plant based glycerin soap base, African black soap and colloidal oatmeal.

Imagine stepping out of the shower with moisturized skin. Now imagine that the product you're using to give your that glowy silky feeling is also cute, unscented, and made especially for your eczema prone skin. Stop imaging and start trying the 01 Clear Bar.

It has all the things you want in an eczema soap plus:

  • each ingredient is designed to moisturize your skin and reduce irritation
  • the soap bar looks cuter than the other eczema bars in your bathroom
  • it's unscented
  • zero waste - from product to packaging

Directions: Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Ingredients: Glycerin soap base, African black soap, colloidal oatmeal