Zero Waste Kit - Bathroom Essentials

Zero Waste Kit - Bathroom Essentials

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Looking to cut back or completely curb your plastic use In the bathroom but aren’t sure where to start?  We’re making it super easy with our hand picked plastic free bathroom  essentials kit!  

Included in the kit: 
Plant Paper Singe Roll x2:  
Most toilet papers are full of toxic chemicals like bleach and formaldehyde that can adversely effect your natural bodily balance down there.  Opt for a TP that's made of sustainable bamboo, toxin free and comes mindfully packed in compostable wrapping!

Georganics Spearmint Tooth Tablets: 
Try an eco alternative to the classic plastic tube of paste we have come accustomed to.  These tooth tablets are easy to use and create no plastic waste.  Simply chew one tablet between teeth and then brush! 

Brush With Bamboo Toothbrush x2: 
It's crazy to think that a toothbrush you used when you were a kid is still in existence on this planet, sitting in a landfill somewhere.  Taking hundreds of years to break down, it's an easy decision to choose your oral care products with their end life in your thoughts.  This bamboo toothbrush is 100% compostable!  Now that's something to smile about.  
Fresh Bamboo Floss: 
When does shoving a long stretched out piece of plastic between your pearly whites ever sound appetizing?  You spend a lot of time on that smile so treat it with some respect.  This floss is made from bamboo, making it super durable, vegan and compostable. 
Lovett Sundries Shampoo Bar:
Haven’t tried a shampoo bar yet?  Now’s your time!  If you’re wondering how well they work, we use this bar after swimming in chlorinated pools and it suds up and cleans just like a liquid shampoo.  Bonus, a solid bar travels better than liquid.  Take that TSA! 
Meow Meow Tweet Soap Bar:
Not all soap bars are created equally.  Most soap bars contain sulfates, phthalates, palm oil and synthetic fragrances.  Not Meow Meow Tweet bars.  This soap is vegan, cruelty free and made of earth friendly ingredients. 
Agave Soap Saver Bag:
The agave soap scrubber is a two in one power house in the bath.  Use it with a full bar of soap tucked inside and it becomes an exfoliator with your favorite scent.  Then, as your most loved bar starts to fade away, the soap saver bags puts on its super hero cape and let's you use your soap until it is nothing more but a memory of showers before.