Zero Waste Kit - Kitchen Essentials

Zero Waste Kit - Kitchen Essentials

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Looking to cut back or completely curb your plastic use In the kitchen but aren’t sure where to start?  We’re making it super easy with our hand picked plastic free kitchen essentials kit!  

Included in the kit: 

The Dish Brush:  

A staff favorite, Thai dish brush is made with vegan plant based bristles and has a replaceable head.  No more tossing a used brush into the trash! 

The Loofah Scrubbers: 

Grown from the loofah plant, these completely compostable sponge alternatives are odor free, come In a pack of 6 and will last between 4-6 weeks each! 

The Solid Dish Block: 

Say Buh Bye to that weird blue stuff and Hello to a naturally clean dish soap, in solid form of course.  No plastic packaging here, just a cardboard box that can be composted or recycled.


The Compostable Soap Dish: 

A best seller, this compostable soap dish is made from wood and bamboo fibers making it 100% compostable at the end of its life! 

The Swedish Dish Cloth: 

Paper towels are whack!  Curb your use of the single use plastics with a Swedish dish cloth.  They absorb 15x their weight in water making them a powerhouse for cleaning up spills and big messes. 
(Designs will vary)