Zero Waste Kit - The Wellness Edit

Zero Waste Kit - The Wellness Edit

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Living a zero waste lifestyle doesn't mean compromising self care!  It just means finding items that fit into your plastic free life that make it easy to love yourself and the planet at the same time.  Our zero waste wellness kit is chock full of the best earth friendly goods you need when all you want to do is pamper yo' self like the queen you are! 

Included in the kit: 


Sisal Dry Body Brush:

Invigorate your skin with a pre shower rub down using our sisal dry body brush.  Made from compostable materials like a wooden handle, cotton hang rope and sisal bristles, this brush has the perfect touch to help slough off that top layer of dry skin leaving you with skin so silky smooth.

Tokoname Stone Diffuser:

Essential oil diffusers are typically clunky, loud, energy sucking and made of plastic.  A more thoughtful design is the Tokoname Stone Diffuser.  Apply a few drops of your fav essential oil to the surface of the stone and relax as the scent is naturally released into the air.

Lavender Essential Oil:

It's no surprise lavender is a most loved scent.  It's delicate fragrance is great for easing anxiety, calming a racing mind, relaxing and so much more.  Pair this oil with the Tokoname diffuser also included in this kit and all you're missing is a cozy blanket and a good read. 

1 oz Nirvana Calm Down Herbal Tea W/ 4oz Herb Jar:

No cozy moment in complete without a cup of tea.  A favorite of our staff and customers, Nirvana Calm Down is an organic herbal tea perfect for quit evenings.  It's the equivalent of drinking a warm hug. 

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser:

Most tea bags are plastic even if they look like cloth!  Skip the plastic chemical leeching bags and instead steep your tea with a stainless steel tea infuser.  

Gemstone Facial Roller:

*Colors will vary

Firm and detox, relieve tension and improve skin elasticity with a gemstone facial roller.  Pro tip, pop roller in the freezer for a few minutes before each time you roll for a more powerful experience.